Central and Mobile workshops secure highly specialized and qualified manpower to provide services such as testing, engine overhauling, specialized maintenance, commissioning and on the job training. These workshops are:

Electrical Workshop

For the maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, and cables. It also provides services for high & low voltage switchgears, control panels, air conditioners, electrical appliances, generators, emergency lighting, lighting systems, breakers, electrical hoists and man lifts, UPS, transformers and others.

Mechanical Workshop

For the maintenance of all kinds of Heat Ventilation & Air Conditioning appliances, water pumps, hydraulic and vacuum pumps, machinery, sheet metal, welding, plumbing, pipe cutting, drilling, grinding, lathing, milling. Also for the maintenance of the following:

  • Pipelines, Pumping Stations and other related areas.
  • Fire Fighting Systems.
  • Large Gas/Steam Turbine Power Plants
  • High pressure multistage pumps, high pressure valves.
  • Rigging methods for safe handling of large size components.
  • Stripping assembly, alignment, repair and renovation of large size gas/steam turbines, generators, boilers and other associated mechanical equipment.

Civil Workshop

Carpentry: For the maintenance and repair of furniture and woodwork.

Paint & Masonry Works: Painting of exterior walls, roofs, interior walls, doors, windows, partitions, pipes, line marking, rails, light poles, gates and fences, and masonry works which include interior and exterior walls, concrete paving, ceramics, floor covering, plastering, roof covering, roof and deck paving.

Elevator/Escalator O&M

The job of the SBG O&M Roving Service Technicians, who are dedicated to their work, is to make sure that the clients’ elevators, escalators and doors run smoothly. It is the maintenance crew that makes a difference. Roving Service Technicians have the reliability, expertise and dedication that have made them leaders in the market place. They solve the problems that ensure SBG O&M quality services at all time and within budget.

Auto Workshop

Our Auto workshop can handle maintenance and repair of all vehicles and heavy duty equipment. Service includes engine overhauling and repair of transport buses, trucks, road sweepers, passenger cars, etc.