Manpower Growth

human_resourcesUpon their inception, SBG O&M workforce of engineers, technicians, support staff and laborers amounted to 1000 employees and today’s figure has grown more than ten folds to exceed 22,000 employees.

SBG O&M prime responsibility lies in our capacity to respond to clients needs quickly and efficiently especially during the hand over and take over period of new projects.

Recruiting & Training

SBG O&M Human Resources Department (HRD) plans the human_resources_trainingcompany manpower needs, traces their movements between projects, maintains their data bank, and organizes the labor pool. HRD makes sure that all employees receive appropriate training. Technicians are subjected to tests under each area of expertise. Training is scheduled on a quarterly basis. Over 2000 employees are trained yearly on management, mechanical, electrical, electronics, civil, safety, general services and quality aspects. Different training is scheduled to each group of employees. Courses are given outside company premises with vendors of new equipment. Between 1000 and 1500 training certificates are issued yearly and up to 3000 hours per year training courses are given.

SBG O&M resources include affiliate’s offices, trained manpower, highly sophisticated equipment, tools, mobile workshops, consumable, material, and spare parts to carry out sizable projects.