SBG O&M measurable quality objectives and their key process indicators, have earned the confidence of customers. It has attracted many certificates of appreciation and thanks, which eventually led the company to expand its line of contracts.

Integrated Team” Approach for Measuring O&M Performance

mms_integrated_teamAs SBG O&M is faced with cut throat public tender bids, it became healthy to structure a strategy that included alternative offers to enhance the division’s competitive edge. This meant a competitive price for O&M work based on performance committed to Quality with a twist such as; a built in overall reduction assurances to the Client’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) bottom line cost where a measuring O&M performance system is put in place to properly monitor major reductions. To reduce Client O&M expenditures, SBG O&M needed to apply well-crafted O&M procedures. Furthermore, even the best O&M procedures are of no use unless they are understood and followed by building O&M personnel. Facility managers play the key role in ensuring that this happens. An “integrated team” approach can be a big help. In this process, our Technical Department and other O&M personnel are active participants in the design of a facility and the development of O&M procedures.

Business Ethics & Integrity Program

mms_business_ethicsSBG O&M Management is responsible to ensure that Customer requirements are met to enhance Customer Satisfaction which is the responsibility of all employees of the Company as shown in our Quality Policy. To safeguard the Customer’s interests we implement strict procedures to ensure that our employees receive proper training to identify and carefully handle any Client’s property while in our possession. It is our Policy to ensure that any loss or damage to the Clients’ property is reported to them as soon as it is identified. We take utmost care when handling our Client’s assets during the service process as we understand that it is important to prevent damage and deterioration of their properties while in our care. Detailed and documented procedures are available to strengthen our business ethics and integrity. These procedures are implemented and tightly linked to our disciplinary actions, incentives, and promotional procedures via an evaluation and appraisal process.

Value Engineering

Fetching, defining, documenting, following up and finalizing improvements systematically is an added value that we keep giving to our Clients continuously even if the contract does not require so. This is to increase the value of services that we provide to our Clients. Although it is not part of contract requirements with our current Clients, we introduced a Project Control Department in our company that is staffed with highly skilled and experienced engineers that monitor the projects periodically searching for areas of improvement in technical a SBG O&M Management is committed to spread the culture of Customer Satisfaction and compliance with spects as well as managerial ones.

Maintenance Services

mms_maintenance_serviceBased on the terms of the contracts signed with SBG O&M, this last develops services covering preventive and corrective maintenance as well as quality assurance for all labors, equipment, and parts used during the contracts terms. The Technical department prepares Maintenance Management System covering company’s mandates. SBG O&M has different projects and services that are scattered all over the Kingdom. For each project or service, there is a complete and integrated operation that deals with most of maintenance work and activities.

The Operation Departments are:

  • Haramain & Mosques
  • Seaports & Airports
  • Palaces & Residential
  • Utilities & Industrial Plants
  • Horticulture
  • Roving Maintenance Team

CMMS-MaximoProcedures & Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

Asset Management: Maximize productivity and extend assets life.
Procurement Management: Ensures that the right parts are ordered at exactly the right time for requested work order.
Materials Management: Ensure that the right parts are available, at the right location, when needed.
Contract Management: Optimize maintenance schedules and labor utilization, system provides us with annual Master Plan covers all preventive maintenance in each project for each equipment. This Master Plan is flexible to reschedule any PM Work order according to the project situation.
Service Management: PM schedules can be put into place, reducing unplanned downtime and reactive maintenance.
Work Management: Ensure that the right person, with the right skill, is assigned to the right job.

SBG O&M Maintenance Teams deal with several work procedures:

  • Corrective work orders
  • Preventive work orders
  • Emergency work orders
  • Operation work orders
  • Client request
  • Event report
  • Each activity is connected and regulated by a computer system that is integrated to all projects and services. This system controls the level of stock, approval of work orders and updates the performance of maintenance.
  • One effective network is utilized to connect each Operation Department to assure the efficient flow of information.
  • The Operation Department is decentralized while control and development of maintenance are centralized.
  • SBG O&M procedures and CMMS leave no space for deviation from the standards and consequently the possibility of human error is therefore reduced to a bare minimum.